Moe’s/Focus Brands

“Our catering business has grown exponentially so we needed to find delivery bags that would ensure that our hot items stay hot and our cold products cold.  As our business grew, so did the order size so the bags we were using were too small and could not accommodate the increased volume.  The old bag wasn’t sturdy so the packaging would shift in transit causing issues with spillage.

Vesture did a comprehensive analysis of our needs and designed bags to meet and exceed our expectations.  They created larger carriers to fit our containers using a sturdy high grade material for the exterior.  For the interior, they developed a removable liner that could be cleaned after each delivery.  They also added extra features like side pouches for our sternos and a plastic sleeve to protect the customers receipt.  The bags look amazing and they’re built to last.  Our catering managers and franchisees love them!

In addition to the delivery bags, we needed a way to transport these larger orders to office buildings and to group events.  Vesture created a collapsible wagon that has been a huge hit with our delivery drivers.  It makes their jobs easier and more efficient not to mention it’s a great branding tool.

We are grateful for their ongoing service and support and so impressed with their innovative approach to problem solving.”

YUM Brands Pizza Hut/KFC

“Vesture has been a great partner for us at Yum! Brands (KFC and Pizza Hut) for the last 26 years!  We have been very impressed with their level of technical expertise and knowledge to assist with our business needs.  They have also proven to be an outstanding business partner when called on to find innovative solutions for special projects, exceeding our expectations with both performance and client service!”